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i m receiving a lot of mails , as everyone , asking for name, adress and a fee for transference of the money that is supposed to be yours . Now they are getting more sophisticated . Last week i receive an email offering me a donation of 2 million from a Cristy Davis that win the PowerBall Lottery , i see in the news that is real, also the mail is very convincing seems to be her, but the contact is real ? ll copy past here the emails because i can not take this personal any more . i still dream to have a lot of money , for not having to think on it, improve my life, other lifes and free my self of the limits of the economy i m living….under the guise of diffuse interests , the extortion and exploration must end . the idea … that someone writes, speaks on my our behalf is unhealthy , attempt to nervous system ,like the voice off in a video that explain the scene and the ones on it, mostly they are constructions and manipulations of reality. that serves the interests of the ones that think having the power over you and can be very destructive for the One who is observed.

Now follow a list e-mails , i have been receiving trought gmail, you can comment on it by number any time

1.Cristy Charity Foudation My Dear Friend,thanks for your fast response, since i won the PowerBall Lottery,i have been investing ahead of the future , as i bought my dream home and car am currently on charity tour in Kenya am spending sometime here before leaving to Nepal which will be next two weeks, nevertheless, i have already issued a valid Bank check for $2,000,000.00 USD in your name and has been deposited with Halifax Investment Bank and Trust company as an international bank draft.The amount to be given out to you is sum of $2,000,000 USD (Two Million United State Dollars) which is actually quite a huge sum and you would agree with me that it is also quite unbelievable seeing someone give out such amount of money to an individual, that’s why i have made sure that i choose the right person to give these out and i hope that my aim of giving out this fund to you is achieved Note that every transfer process in getting this fund to you legally would be commenced and also note that we require you to map out good strategies in ensuring that the less privileged around you benefits from this fortune you would be receiving from me, that is really my main aim of giving out this fund to you as i wouldn’t be able to carry this task on my own without having to involve the likes of people like you through an Electronic Ballot System.Please always try and remember that the objective of this donation to you is to make a notable change in the standard of living of the less privileged people in your community before the end of the year 2020. Note that you have only been chosen to receive this donation once, which means that subsequent yearly donation might not get to you again so i advise you to take your time and think in spending the donation wisely on projects that will last your community for a long time to come.Kindly allow me to inform you that just last week alone, I discovered a huge number of double claims due to beneficiary’s informing close friends relatives, attorneys and third parties about their donations, As a result these close friends, relatives, attorneys and third parties tried to claim the donation sum on behalf of the real recipients thereby causing problems for the payout bank, Please be informed that any double claim discovered in the disbursement process will certainly result in the cancellation of that particular donation, making a loss for both the double claimer and the real beneficiary, as it is taken that the real recipient was the informer to the double claimer about the donation. So you are hereby advised to keep your information strictly confidential until your claim has been fully recovered.Now taking into cognizance the nature of the funds, Kenya Financial Security Act requires International beneficiaries like you to open an online account with the payout bank over there in Kenya, which will be responsible for clearing the cheque in Kenya before the funds can be transferred to your designated bank account in your country, I have therefore included a Donation Reference Number to this message [CRISTY/908/2020BDB] which should be kept strictly confidential as you will use it in receiving your donation.You are to contact the management of Halifax Investment Bank and Trust Company, immediately as they have been authorized to clear the bank Draft and wire the funds to you after you must have opened an online account with them and concluded all modalities associated with the wire transfer process.BANK NAME: HALIFAX INVESTMENT BANK AND TRUST COMPANYOFFICER NAME: Edwin YangoEMAIL: edwin.yango@halifaxibnt.comTel:+254-796053640Please note that upon your contact with the bank you are to provide them with your FULL NAME and Donation Code Number [CRISTY/908/2020BDB] so that he can verify your identity with the details we sent over to their office a while ago on and In view of this whole information passed to you, please be informed also that the bank would require you to open online account with them so as to hasten the process, don’t panic as this is one of the routines I informed you about earlier on this email, The account when opened with them must have a minimum balance of $100 and such balance must come from you, This is being done because the account must have a minimum balance to be able to accommodate such huge amount, this is also known as opening balance, The opening balance is still your money.I believe this information is helpful to you and I do expect that you understand every aspect of it without being skeptical, doubtful, and also ensure that you report back to me on every of your conversation with the bank as it will account for records purpose to avoid any misunderstanding.Your full cooperation is highly anticipated.

i ve contact, offshore site , another scam.

Some how something appear when i past the e-mail up appear this One down. And may be is also true, there is wealth coming in my, our way , but how to Access it when our data is controled by a corrupted government and autorities that are abusing their power by stilling, trying to prepetuate poverty and ignorance to keep us under them control?

so that said follow that mystirius email

2.I am very sorry I have to reach you through this medium. I am a member of the debt reconvener (debt collection experts) and I am aware of your ordeal about your unpaid fund.

It may interest you to know that not long after the Debt Management Office (DMO) completed the merger and acquisition process of all pending payments occasion through the petition raised by the international community about their unpaid funds. I discovered that their boss connived with some top officials to divert funds approve to settle unpaid inheritances, email lottery winners, Internet scam victims, unclaimed consignments(concealed funds), and International Contractors.

The DMO has already given the approval to pay your fund but they deliberately withheld your payment file and continue to demand fees from you through their associates from different unassigned affiliates mostly from Africa, the US, Spain, and the Netherlands all in trying to frustrate you into giving up on it so they can finally enrich themselves. I wonder why you haven’t noticed all this while.

You may choose to disbelieve this email as inconceivable but my doctrine does not let such an act, the reason I have to open up to you to seek the right channel. DMO was authorized to release your fund via their asset management firm with claim code numbers, supposedly to have been issued to you.

Upon your response, I shall guide you through and offer you with details to contact the assigned affiliate who will immediately ease the release of your fund.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.
Be Safe.

This e-mail i didnt find it back it disappear from mailbox

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